Why Can’t We Meet Mr. Putin’s Demands to Stop the Destruction of Ukraine and Wasting of Lives?

Standing from the outside…it is easy for NATO and the US to take a hard stance. From hundreds of miles away, what’s happening in Ukraine appears to be a movie. Commentators share satellite images of troop movements on TV, sound-off predictions, strategies, and permutations. But people are dying – Russians and Ukrainians.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin is talking. He is not stupid. Putin is the leader of one of the three most powerful nations in the world today. He has made his requirements known. If we care about peace, we ought to listen. If we truly care about stopping the carnage, then the powers that be must sit with the Russian leader and come to an agreement.

Agreement with Mr. Putin will not be the end of the world. Non-agreement however, may as well lead to “the end-of-the-world” as we know it. We all know this to be true.

According to AFP publication of Monday 28th, February 2022,

“Russian President Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart that the demilitarisation of Ukraine and Western recognition of Russian sovereignty over the Crimean peninsula were prerequisites to ending fighting in Ukraine.”


The question I ask Western and American leaders is this…

Why can’t we meet the two Russian demands for the sake of Ukraine?

I pretty much have an idea as to why we can’t simply yield to such “bullish” demands from President Putin or anyone else for that matter.

But consider this.

Yielding to Putin’s demands will:

a) stop massive bloodshed

b) stop the devastating destruction of Ukraine

c) provide Ukrainians the opportunity to return and rebuild their country

d) provide President Putin the face-covering he needs to stop the war

Yielding to these two precise demands may even prevent Putin from achieving his deeper objective – complete annexation of Ukraine.

Again, Why Yield to President Putin?

a) He (Putin) can take it all by force. He is not Saddam Hussein. There’s physically nothing any country can do about it. Since we can’t stop the invasion besides talking, more talking, and sanctions (which appear to have some effect but can’t stop the wanton destruction of lives and property), why can’t we find a way to work something out with Mr. Putin?

b) No country is going to physically fight on behalf of Ukraine. They are facing an overwhelming superior foe. Consider this. Belarus is mulling to join Russia in fighting tiny Ukraine. Even with this, no country is willing to commit troops in the war against Russia. Everyone is afraid of Russia.

c) Ukraine will live and perhaps regroup to fight for their demands another day sometime in the far future.

d) No negotiated settlement is permanent forever. In the distant future, long after we are all gone, Ukraine may have a sympathetic Russian leader willing to work out a suitable settlement. Ukraine may be in a much stronger position militarily to renegotiate.

Why do we have world Leaders? What Major Role Do World Leaders Play in Today’s World?

The major role of the United Nations and world leaders in today’s world is to stop the unnecessary destruction of innocent lives and property, and for countries to maintain their own territorial integrity.

Our fight is for today – to save the lives of the Ukrainian people. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Let’s stop the utter destruction of lives and property.

Dr. Noble Nwigwe, V.P, Remote Practice Managers

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