You Can’t Fix it if You Don’t Know What’s Broken

Did you know that many dental practices – approximately 75% – have reported decline in the last five years? Same applies to medical practices to some degree. Many medical and dental offices feel pressured to make decisions to address their challenges such as fewer new patients or decreased practice production. But are they making the right decisions? Do they even know the right questions to ask? Practice improvement begins with business analysis. Afterall you can’t fix it if you don’t know what’s broken. In medical terms, you can’t treat it before you diagnose it. With many years of experience behind its offerings, Remote Practice Managers knows how to analyze the health of your practice and how to apply the findings to help practice thrive.

We begin the journey by taking the online comprehensive practice evaluation. The online battery test is quickly followed by onsite practice performance analysis. This onsite diagnostic visit will help us to produce the information you need to make smart evidence-based decision for your practice.

Knowing how your organization compares to peers in the industry can point you toward key assessments of your group’s capabilities and shortfalls. With access to RPM’s vast store of proprietary survey data, our consultants can measure wide variety of data sets to determine your overall organizational performance. We can benchmark your practice as a whole, by the services it provides or by the performance of individual physicians and dentists. Benchmarking reveals where your group measures up or doesn’t, and identifies best practices you can use to improve performance. At Remote Practice Managers, we guarantee our results. Every time.

The Practice Evaluation Survey is an in-depth assessment of your practice systems conveniently conducted online through our award-winning survey platform. Practice owners today need to think of their practices as businesses. Like other business owners who want to grow, you should start by connecting the dots with a professional business evaluation survey. This survey will lead to findings that will cause your practice to grow from trickle to a roar. $250,000+ Worth of insights!

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