Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical Modeling for Business Analytics

In recent years of teaching mathematical modeling for decision-making coupled with conducting applied mathematical modeling research, we have found that (a) decision-makers at all levels must be exposed to the tools and techniques that are available to help them in the decision-making process, (b) decision-makers (in healthcare and other industries) and analysts need to have and use technology to assist in the analysis process, and (c) the interpretation and explanation of the results are crucial to understanding the strengths and limitations of modeling. With this in mind Remote Practice Managers emphasizes and focuses on the model formulation and modeling building skills that are required for decision analysis, and the technology to support the analysis, and implement the result of the findings.

As healthcare professional managers Remote Practice Managers use mathematical models to help explain the effects of different components in your organization, and to make predictions about behavior (Giordano et al., 2014, pp. 58–60).

At Remote Practice Managers, we do not plan to cover all the mathematical modeling processes operating within your organizational processes. We only provide an overview of key processes inhibiting business performance to the decision-makers. Our goal is to offer competent and credible solutions to overaching cyclical problems within your organization.

Remote Practice Managers adopt multiple-attribute decision-making (MADM) in decisions making especially when there are multiple but a finite list of decision alternatives and criteria.

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