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Pre-Visit Planning: Save Time and Improve Care

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this activity, you will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose and benefits of implementing pre-visit planning;
  • Describe steps to take during a visit to improve patient experience;
  • Recognize ways to prepare and engage patients in their health care;
  • List pre-visit planning tools and strategies that improve practice efficiency.
Section 1Pre-Visit Planning - How It Helps
Lecture 1Pre-Visit PlanningFree Preview

How will this module help me successfully adopt pre-visit planning?

  1. Outlines how to plan the current patient visit and prepare for the next.
  2. Provides answers to common questions about pre-visit planning.
  3. Gives guidance to address what you may encounter during implementation.
  4. Shares case reports describing how practices are successfully using pre-visit planning.
Lecture 2Introduction
Lecture 3Ten steps to implement pre-visit planning:
Lecture 4During the current visit - Step 1
Lecture 5During the current visit - Step 2
Lecture 6During the current visit - Step 3
Lecture 7Look Back - Step 4
Lecture 8Look Back - Step 5
Lecture 9Look Back - Step 6
Lecture 10Look Back - Step 7
Lecture 11Plan Forward - Step 8
Lecture 12Plan Forward - Step 9
Lecture 13Plan Forward - Step 10
Lecture 14Conclusion